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Elevating Web3 above Web2 in function & user experience

This document is a work in progress. As we continue to build and evolve, the information in this document will be updated and changed over time.

Problem with current Web3 decentralized apps (dApps)

  • They are slow and cumbersome due to blockchain scalability issues.

  • High gas fees on blockchain make many use cases impractical.

  • Many dApps still rely on centralized services to process data quickly which is not true decentralization.

  • Processing data on these centralized services lacks transparency, which is difficult to audit and does not build trust with the community.

Unift elevates Web3 above Web2 in function & user experience

Unift helps businesses and developers quickly create fully decentralized web3 apps that can process complex business logic like web2 without compromising scalability, security & decentralization.

This is achieved by utilizing a mix of decentralized technologies to work seamlessly together.

  • Blockchain - for on-chain payment & assets

  • Interplanetary File System (IPFS) - Immutable decentralized file storage

  • Nostr Protocol - Execute complex off-chain business logic via a decentralized relay network.

As this reduces the burden on Blockchain and gas fees, it allows Unift dApps to scale faster, while leveraging on the Web3 benefits, such as asset ownership, transparency, and decentralizing control for a fairer fee and leveled playing field.

Why build on Unift?

Easy Web3 development with Unift Creator Suite Web3 dev made easy with all essential tools available. From blockchain to analytics and offchain data processing, Unift creator suite takes care of it so you can focus on what matters most.

Shorten development time and cost Skip the complexity of developing for multiple blockchains. As more dApps and modules are built by the Unift community, more development time will be reduced!

dApps are tradable NFTs

dApps created are NFTs owned by developers and can be sold or transferred whenever they want to. Revenue share and permissions can also be granted to selected partners.

Reduces gas fees and usage on blockchain

Increasing scalability and processing speed.

Decentralized messaging system for users Without relying on centralized messaging systems.

Fully decentralized solution.

Unlike other web3 dev platform that use centralized servers to process data, dApps created on Unift are fully decentralized.

Unift aims to build the largest decentralized mini dApps ecosystem

Unift believes the future of apps is in Web3 and has instant accessibility for easy user onboarding. And end users no longer have to deal with these:

  • overloaded with apps, having to download 1 app for each different brand or platform

  • going through many steps before getting what they really want

  • the risk of their private data exposure if the centralized service is compromised

  • surrendering ownership of their assets to the centralized platform

  • navigating steep learning curve for Web3 apps and setting up crypto wallets

  • frequent blockchain network congestion and pay high gas fees for every transaction

What is Unift Mini dApps?

Unift Mini dApps are lightweight decentralized applications that give end users

  • instant access to core functionalities

  • where and when they want them

You can visualize Unift Mini dApps as the decentralized version of WeChat Mini Programs

Any business or developer can utilize Unift to quickly

  • migrate their existing H5 web app in only 3 - 7 workings days

  • or build a new mini dApp with Unift Creator suite

This reduces their cost and shortens development time, to build, deploy and scale quickly.

Why Unift Mini dApps?

For a long time, users have been bombarded with the need to download multiple apps. There are too many apps to be installed on the mobile phone and many apps are rarely used. Moreover, the concern of data privacy and the possibility of losing their asset in a centralized app is a constant concern for many users.

With the current Web3 apps being difficult to use and all, Unift Mini dApps are here to help developers and businesses build better experiences for their users.

Use without downloading Built on H5. Usable on any browser without downloading apps

Instant accessibility Scan QR & start using immediately. Lightweight and loads fast.

Enhanced privacy for end users Not required for users to share personal info with dApps

100% Asset Ownership Digital assets are tied to user's wallet address.

Easy Onboard Users into Web3 Connect via email and a wallet is created automatically for user

Build your first Mini dApp with Unift!

Unift aims to build the largest decentralized dApps ecosystem that is safe for everyday users, while having good UX and utility. This is achievable by enabling more developers to build better and more desirable decentralized applications with Unift creator suite.

Developers and business users, register your interest here: [Join Waitlist]

Twitter: twitter.com/unift_protocol

Website: unift.xyz

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